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If you're looking for a full DJ course taught in Arabic, then look no further! This comprehensive course covers everything you need to know about the world of DJing, and it's suitable for beginners and experienced DJs alike. The course starts with the basics of how to critically listen to music and understand it, organization and management, mastering the functionality of standard DJ sets and the full Rekordbox Software. This course doesn't assume any prior knowledge of DJing, so even if you're starting from scratch, you'll be able to follow along with ease. You'll learn music theory and Harmonic mixing, frequencies management, beat matching, time based effects, color effects, and how to prepare and play multi-genre DJ sets, including techno, Arabic music, Hip Hop & R&B, and of course Music Business!We are confident that our course will significantly enhance your DJing skills and elevate them to a new level and will help you master the craft of DJing. The course is presented in an academic style, meaning that it's structured and organized in a way that makes it easy to follow and learn. So, get your notebooks ready because this is going to be a long but beautiful ride towards becoming a successful DJ!


  • Level: Beginner & Advanced
  • Period: 14+ hours - 107 Lectures
  • Price: 200$
  • Topics: 100+

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What you will learn.

Chapter 1 - Introduction to the Course

1-Introduction to the Course
2-Meet your Instructor, SYNCOSIS
3-Exploring Different Types of DJs
4-Essential Gear for beginner and Advanced DJs
5-Understanding the Role of a DJ

Chapter 2 - Understanding Music

1-What is a Song
2-Time Calculations and Techniques
3-The Tempo
4-What is EDM
5-Song Edits and Track Structures
6-Developing Critical Listening Skills
7-Protecting your Hearing as a DJ
8-How to Count as a DJ

Chapter 3 - Organization and Management

1-Digital vs. Analog
2-Audio Formats and Quality
3-Files Management

Chapter 4 - Gear Overview and Routing

1-Machines Evolution
2-DDJ vs. XDJ vs. CDJ
3-Routings and I-O
4-The Concept of Mixing

Chapter 5 - Understanding Functionality

1-The Main Screen
2-The Big Knob
3-Song Search
4-Zoom and Grids
5-Tag List
6-Info View
7-Menu and Utility
8-Time Mode
9-Auto Cue
11-Play Cue
12-Track Search
15-Memory Cue
16-The Jog Wheel
17-Pads Overview

Chapter 6 - Rekordbox Overview and Usage

1-Introduction to Rekordbox
3-Add your Music
4-Creating a Playlist
5-Browse Template
6-Search Engine
7-Playlist Palette
8-Traffic Light
9-The Side Bar
10-The Player
11-2 Players
12-Hot Cues
13-Memory Cue
14-Loop and Memory Loop
16-Performance Mode
18-The Sampler
19-The Mixer

Chapter 7 - Music Theory Fundamentals

1-Why You Should Mix in Key
2-Octave and Pitch
3-Notes Names
4-What is a Scale
5-The Circle of Fifth
6-Harmonic Scales
7-Why Harmonic
8-Solution if i Don't have the Keys
9-The Camelot Wheel
10-Keys in Rekordbox

chapter 8 - Frequencies Management Techniques

1-Frequencies and EQ
2-EQ Curve
3-The 3 Ranges
4-EQ in Action
5-The Filter

chapter 9 - Beat Matching Strategies

1-What is Beatmatching
2-The Tempo Fader
3-Beatmatching in Action
4-The Sync Button
5-How to Practice Beatmatching
6-Beatmatching Training by EAR

chapter 10 - Mixing Under Air

1-Cue Out
2-Headphones Section
3-Starting Point

Chapter 11 - Effects and Processing

1-How to Work with Effects
2-Sound Color FX
3-Beat FX

Chapter 12 - Preparing and Playing Your Set

1-Prepare for the Crowd
2-How to Prepare a Techno Set
3-How to Prepare a HipHop/R&B Set
4-How to Prepare an Arabic/Commercial Set
5-How to Mix Techno Music
6-How to Mix Arabic/Commercial Music
7-How to Mix HipHop/R&B Music
8-Using a DDJ with Rekordbox
9-Adding Audio Samples
10-DDJ Performance

Chapter 13 - Music Business

1-Music Business Fundamentals
2-Consistency is Key
3-Find your Niche
4-YOU are the Brand
5-Social Media
6-Music Platforms
8-How to get Bookings
9-How to Manage your Bookings
11-The Next Stage
12-Thank you and Goodbye


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