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This course will allow you to build the skills of a professional dj, from preparing your playlists to performing a professional harmonic mix using any dj set and playing any genre for any occasion.This course comprises theoretical, technical, philosophical and practical flows, applied on Rekordbox software and Pioneer dj hardware, and will help you kick start a professional DJ career.


  • Level: Beginner & Advanced
  • Period: 2 Months - 25+ Hours - 10 Sessions - 2 Sessions per week
  • Topics: 100+

Included with this Program

  • Access to our DJ room
  • One hour room rental
  • Music Library worth 50$

Payments & Availabilities

  • Private Price: 600$
    -Payment Splits:
    -100$ [Seat Reservation]
    -350$ [First Payment]
    -150$ [Last Payment]
  • Semi-Private Price: 450$ [Per Person]
    -Payment Splits:
    -100$ [Seat Reservation]
    -250$ [First Payment]
    -100$ [Last Payment]
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What you will learn.

Section 1: Introduction to the world of djing

-What is a DJ
-The DJ Missions
-Types of DJs
-Music Genres
-Starter Kit
-What is a Song
-Music Production Overview
-Introduction to Electronic Dance Music
-Music Quality and Resolution

Section 2: Musical Knowledge

-The Elements of Music
-Critical Listening
-Acoustic, Analog, and Digital
-The Musical Evolution
-The Musical Instruments
-Sound Analysis
-Track Analysis
-Foldering and Files Management

Section 3: Rekordbox

-Introduction to the DJ Software
-Downloading and Installation
-Look and Feel
-Music Importing and Exporting
-The Browser
-Playlist and Analysis
-Players Settings
-Hot Cues and Memory Cue
-Loop and Memory Loop
-The Export Mode
-Sync Manager
-The Performance Mode
-Pro Organization
-Search Engine
-DDJ Connection
-Quantize and Settings

Section 4: Music Theory and Harmonic Mixing

-Human Hearing
-Frequencies and Pitch
-Notes Names
-Scales and Keys
-Types of Scales
-Software and Key Analysis
-Circle of Fifth
-Harmonic Scales
-Relative and Parallel Scales
-The Camelot Wheel
-Alphanumeric and Classic Mode
-Energy Control
-Keys Feeling

Section 5: Gear Overview and Routing

-Digital DJ Overview
-Standalone DJ Overview
-Club Standard Gear
-Routings and Links
-Speakers and Amplifiers
-Mono vs. Stereo Sound System
-Cables and Adapters
-The main Screen
-Players Overview
-Mixer Overview
-Mixer Inputs and Outputs

Section 6: Understanding Functionality

-Controller Mode
-Time Mode
-Auto Cue
-Tag List
-Search Engine and Track Search
-Machine Utility
-Device Management
-Memory and Hot Cue
-Slip Mode
-Reverse and Slip Reverse
-Touch Pads Overview
-Outputs Section Control
-Play and Cue
-Jog Wheel and Modes
-Tempo Range and Tempo Fader

Section 7: Beat Matching

-What is Beatmatching
-The Tempo Control
-Counting and Launching
-Jog Wheel Control
-Ear Training
-Old School Beatmatching

Section 8: Mixing Under Air

-Headphones Level
-Headphones Cueing
-Trim Control/Leveling
-The Mixing Point
-Under Air vs. On Air Mixing

Section 9: Audiology, EQ, and Filter

-What is Audio
-Characteristics of Sound
-Sound Properties
-Threshold of Hearing
-Frequencies Management
-Spectrum of Hearing
-The 3 Bands
-The Mixer Equalizer
-EQ Curves
-Mixing with Frequencies
-Filtering Frequencies
-Action on Time

Section 10: Mixing Techniques

-The Mixing Point
-Waveform Analysis
-Introducing the New Song
-Mixing Techno/House Music
-Mixing Hip hop & RnB Music
-Mixing Arabic/Bazar Music
-Fast Mixing Techniques
-Smooth Mixing Techniques

Section 11: Effects

-Sound Color FX
-Time Based Effects
-Release FX
-How to Work with Effects
-Coloring and Transitions

Section 12: Practicing

-DJing in Action
-Digital DJ Performance
-Club Mode with Lighting
-B2B Performance

Section 13: Music Business

-The Brand and the Product
-How to Become a Successful DJ
-The Style
-Artist Image
-How to Make Money from DJing
-The First Step and the Blueprint
-Planning for the Goal
-Content Creation
-How to Promote yourself
-Consistency is Key
-Finding your Niche
-Social Media Platforms
-How to Get More Bookings
-How to Manage your Bookings
-Music Platforms and Distributors
-Collaboration and Partnership


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