DJ Room Rental

Our fully equipped room features club-standard DJ sets, including high-quality mixers, lighting, and speakers.

Rules & Regulations

Please take a moment to review our rules and regulations.

1. Respect for Reserved Time: The time reserved by the DJ is their responsibility, and any lateness does not extend the booking or exempt them from payment.
2. Room Cleanliness: Ensure that the rented room and equipment are kept clean and tidy after each session.
3. Hygiene: Maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness within the rented room.
4. Downpayment for Extended Rentals: For rentals of 2 hours or more, a 50% downpayment is required at the time of booking to secure the reservation, given the high demand for rooms and to prevent last-minute cancellations.
5. Damage Responsibility: Any damage caused to the equipment or premises during the rental period is the sole responsibility of the renter.
6. Headphones Requirement: DJs must always bring their own headphones for practice sessions.
7. Audio Levels: Maintain audio levels at or below the specified limit of 85 dB as posted in the room.
8. No Food Policy: Food is strictly prohibited inside the rented rooms to maintain cleanliness and avoid damage to equipment.
9. Beverage Policy: No drinks are allowed next to the machines to prevent spills and damage.
10. Smoking Policy: Vaping and Iqos smoking devices are permitted only.
These rules aim to ensure a smooth and respectful environment for all users of the DJ room rental service while also protecting the equipment and premises from damage.


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