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Our Academic DJ Course offers an immersive experience for aspiring DJs. This shared class format encourages collaboration and creativity, setting it apart from traditional DJ classes. You'll gain a solid understanding of DJing technology, delve deep into various aspects of DJing, and enjoy hands-on practice with state-of-the-art equipment and software.
Our expert instructor, with years of DJing experience, will mentor you and provide valuable insights. You'll also have opportunities to perform in live DJ sets and receive guidance on navigating the DJ industry. With this approach, you can tailor your learning to match your specific career goals. Join us and become a skilled, knowledgeable, and confident DJ ready to leave your mark on the music world.


  • Level: Beginner & Advanced
  • Period: 2 Months - 38 hours - 15 sessions
  • Topics: 150+

  • Included with this Program

    • Music Library worth 30$

Payments & Availabilities

  • Class Price: 400$ + 5 hours of practicing sessions
  • Payment Splits:
    -200$ [Seat reservation]
  • -200$ [on First session]

  • Class Starting Dates 2024:
    -Class 3: May 20 [Fully Booked]
    -Class 4: August 5 [2 seats left]

  • Class Schedule:
    -Every Monday and Thursday from 4 till 6 PM.
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What you will learn.

Section 1: Introduction to the world of djing

-The musical evolution
-The world of EDM
-The Acoustic World
-The Analog World
-The Digital World
-Music Production Overview
-Machines Evolution
-What is a DJ
-Types of DJs
-The DJ Missions
-The line-up and time-table

Section 2: Music Knowledge

-The 7 Elements of Music
-Understanding Different Music Genres
-Critical Listening
-Sound Analysis
-Song Edits
-Song Structures
-Measurments and Phrasing
-Music and Social Movements

Section 3: Music Selection and Library Management

-Music File Formats
-Audio Quality and Resolution
-Building a Music Library
-Downloading Good Quality Music
-Organizing and Tagging Music

Section 4: Music Theory and Harmonic Mixing

-Human Hearing
-Frequencies and Pitch
-Notes Names
-Scales and Keys
-Types of Scales
-Software and Key Analysis
-Circle of Fifth
-Harmonic Scales
-Relative and Parallel Scales
-The Camelot Wheel
-Alphanumeric and Classic Mode
-Energy Control
-Keys Feeling

Section 5: Gear Overview and Routing

-Digital DJ Overview
-Standalone Machines
-CDJ Players
-The Mixer
-Samplers and Effect Units
-Audio and Digital Cables
-Routings, Connections, and Links.
-Headphones and Monitors
-Inputs and Outputs -Mono vs. Stereo Sound System -Software and Phone applications

Section 6: Understanding Functionality

-The Main Screen
-Source of Music
-The Playlist
-Into and Link Info
-Sorting Tracks
-Players Settings
-The Main Windows
-The big Knob
-Zooming and Changing Grids
-Track Filter
-Cue and Play Buttons
-Autocue and Time Mode
-Quantize and Settings
-Loop Section
-Memory Cue
-Direction and Slip Reverse
-The Pad Section
-The Jog Wheel
-Pitch Fader
-Tempo Control
-Master Tempo
-Beat Sync, BPM Sync, and Key Sync
-The Mixer Overview

Section 7: Beatmatching and Phrasing

-Understanding the Tempo
-Beats and Bars
-Phrases Matching
-Pitch Fader Control
-Tempo Calculation
-Controllers vs. Players Jog Wheel
-Jog Wheel Control
-Beatmatching Techniques
-Old School Beatmatching

Section 8: Rekordbox - The Export Mode

-Rekordbox Overview
-The Browser
-Search Engine
-Creating a Workflow
-Creating Playlists
-Playlist Palette
-Organize and Prepare your Music
-The second Browser
-Waveform and Grids
-Fixing the Grids
-Hot Cues
-Memory Cues
-Hot Cue Loop
-Memory Loop
-Exporting Music
-Sync Manager
-Device Setting

Section 9: Rekordbox - The Performance Mode

-The Players
-Browsing and Loading Music
-The Mixer
-Beat FX
-Color FX
-Release FX
-The Pads Section
-Fixing the Grids
-The Players
-Preparation and Performance
-Controllers connection and Mappings

Section 10: Audiology, EQ, and Filters.

-What is Audio
-Physics of Sound
-Spectrum of Hearing
-Threshold of Hearing
-The 3 Bands
-The Low Frequencies
-The Mid Frequencies
-The High Frequencies
-The Equalizer
-EQ Curves
-Mixing Frequencies
-The Filter
-Action on Time
-Create Transitions

Section 11: Mixing techniques

-Under Air Preparation
-Tempo Calculation
-Trim Control
-The Mixing Point
-The Starting Point
-Play Under-Air vs. on Air
-Mashup Techniques
-Phrases Calculation
-Beatmatching Techniques
-Volume control
-Equalization and transitions
-How to read and understand the waveform.

Section 12: Audio Effects

-Sound Color FX Overview
-Time Based Effects
-Release FX Overview
-Dub Echo
-Ping Pong
-Slip Roll
-Vinyl Brake
-How to Work with Effects
-Coloring and Transitions

Section 13: Advanced Mixing Techniques

-Effects and FX Units
-Looping and Sampling
-EQ and Filter Techniques
-Advanced Transition Methods

Section 14: Performance and Crowd Interaction

-Learning the Venue
-Reading the Crowd
-Building a Pro DJ Set
-Live Remixing and Mashups
-Engaging with the Audience
-Dealing with DJ Gigs and Bookings

Section 15: Practicing and tests

-DJing Preparation
-Digital DJ Performance
-Club Standard Performance
-Club Mode with Lighting Performance
-B2B Performance

Section 16: Music Business

-Branding and Image
-Setting Rates and Contracts
-Building and Online Presence
-Online Promotions
-Networking in the industry
-DJing as a Career
-Social Media Strategy
-PR and Media Relations
-Navigating the Global DJing Scene
-Artist Name and Logo
-The Successful Blueprint
-Bookings Management
-Music Platforms and Distributors


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