The music production course is literally amazing and very fun, i learned a lot of stuff i didn't know i needed thanks to Syncosis with his great explanations! And it's also a great place for anybody intrested in djing and music production, great customer service, they have the best advice for what you need to buy and the staff there is very friendly!

Solan Music

By far one of the most professional music shops in Lebanon. The service is amazing, the equipments are of high quality, and the staff is available at all times for support. I would recommend everyone to buy all their musical needs from there


As for the course i took at the hub it was an amazing experience that i always wanted to have. I really enjoyed every minute of it. I have learnt a lot from Syncosis and i really appreciate his dedication, passion and all his efforts in order to deliver us the message in best and simplest way possible. And i highly recommend everyone who loves music production and wants to expand his knowledge in Ableton to take the udemy course taught in Arabic which also helped me a lot. Big thank you and much love

Angelina K.

Beyond expectations ! Amazing place, amazing people. Best education, advices and a HUGE variety of music equipment to start everything from SCRATCH ! You don't know music if you haven't passed by the Music Hub


Investing in Music hub was one of the best decisions I have ever taken. It is the place to go to if you want to start producing/djing and buying all sorts of music equipments. Syncosis is no doubt THE best instructor you will ever find in the music industry. He is not only an instructor but also a mentor, friend and a person I could trust blindly. Music hub feels like home thanks to syncosis and the team


After a long research & trial and fails, If you want to learn music production or DJ ing, this is the best place to learn in Lebanon!
Don’t search for other places you’re wasting your time!
Music Hub is the best, Synchosis is the best teacher / artist!
Confidently posting this feedback with 5 stars


Music Hub ‘Where ART is BORN’ Literally.
My favorite place and my favorite people. Syncosis helped me through everything from courses to buying my first synthesizer and other gear. Thank you Music Hub I appreciate you a lot

Maguy A. H.

Highly recommended for everyone interested in music production, DJing, and buying musical equipment.
Syncosis is an amazing and friendly instructor. I learned a lot from his experience, this made a huge difference in my music knowledge and production.

Bowan Music

Highly recommended dj and music production school. Professional instructor and friendly staff. If your plan is going big thats your startup location.

Rony A. C.


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